Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons


PGA Instruction

Type of Lesson Time Scott Bruha, PGA Dave James, PGA

Tune up
 15-20 minutes $20 $20
Private 45 minutes $40 $40
Private series of six Six 45 minute lessons $200 $200
Group series of four Four 60 minute lessons  $60 $60
Couple 60 minutes $50 $50
Couple series of six 60 minutes $250 $250
Playing lesson Three holes $50 $50

Champs Program – designed for the Advanced Jr. Golfer


Read short biographies of our highly educated PGA Instructors.

Director of Golf/General Manager: Dave James, PGA

Golf Course Manager PGA Class A-1 / A-13. Dave was elected to PGA Membership in October of 2002. Dave has been the Golf Course Manager/Head Professional at Meadowlark Hills Golf Course since October of 1998. He moved to Kearney from Leawood, Kansas where he worked at Overland Park Golf Club. He has a wife Amy, daughter Olivia, son David III, daughter Ellie and his hunting dog – River. He has been teaching golf since May of 1994. Dave’s philosophy on teaching to hit the ball straight is… to get the golf swing as compact as possible. Getting your swing set in the backswing is crucial. We have to make sure we can get our wrists cocked at the top of the swing so we can properly release the club at impact. The main reason for having a compact swing is because it simplifies the range of motion. The more moving parts to the golf swing the more errors we create. To master the golf swing students must learn the five laws to the golf swing. Two of the laws are for direction and three of the laws are for distance. The laws of the swing are face, path, club head speed, angle of approach and centeredness. Please call Dave if you have any question with your swing.

Head Golf Professional: Scott Bruha, PGA

Scott is the Assistant Manager at Meadowlark Hills Golf Course and is a Class A-1 PGA Member. Scott was elected to PGA Membership in January of 2006. Scott was the assistant golf professional at Meadowlark Hills Golf Course from 1998 – 2013. He is currently the Head Golf Professional and over sees Men’s and Business League. He graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science degree and a minor in Management. While attending school he played and lettered on the college golf team. In 2006 and 2009, Scott won the Nebraska Section PGA Assistant’s Championship and qualified for the National Championship in Florida.

Away from the course, Scott enjoys hunting, watching sports and playing with his kids. His wife Shannon works at Shelter Insurance. He has three little girls named Payton, Jordyn and Reeselyn.

Teaching the Game …….

Scott has been teaching golf since 1998. His personal Teaching philosophy is to teach people to play golf and increase their satisfaction and happiness for the enjoyment of the game. Learning and playing golf should be fun. All golfers do not have the same learning styles or physical abilities, nor do they learn at the same pace. People learn in many different ways and I must find the correct learning process for each student. As a teacher I have to learn how you learn best. I help students understand the basic golf swing fundamentals and technique that will lead to a more consistent golf swing. I focus on the players’ strengths and breakdown the areas of your swing that need the most improvement. I believe practice is only good if the student is practicing the proper technique and swing fundamentals that will improve his or her game. The approach to his or her goals and what motivates the student to get better at golf. I will then teach the proper grip, aim, and setups that will help them become a more accomplished player. I will focus on impact position in relation to the ball, swing path, face angle and center of contact. Learning all facets of the game of golf is very important in becoming a complete player. We will discuss the importance of short game and how it plays into the rest of your game. I will teach you the cause and effect relationships of your swing that you can in return use to correct your own mistakes. You will progress faster with drills and training aids tailored towards your game.

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